Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success

FocalPoint Business Coaching – 1 on 1 or Group Sessions

  • Is your business heading in the right direction?
  • Would you like to generate more profit?
  • Do you have the right team in place?
  • Are you really in control of your team?
  • Do you have a viable exit strategy?

Never in history have business owners had the pressure to be as competitive and take their performance to record heights.

That’s where a Certified FocalPoint Coach comes in; 1 on 1 or Group Coaching for business owners or independent professionals to learn and implement proven business concepts, strategies & tactics to accelerate their success.

Our program has been results-proven to consistently give our clients the tools to quickly achieve higher profits, increased sales and enjoy more productive teams.

FocalPoint’s highly trained Coaches work with a business owner through 5 fast acting implementable core Modules that provide the tools, insights and methods to answer those tough questions first asked above by adjusting your processes and thinking to grow sales and profits more quickly and efficiently:

  • Module 1: Gain Power through Clarity: Establishing a foundation, crystalizing a vision, strategic planning, bench marking & measuring, constraint analysis and more
  • Module 2: Increase your Effectiveness: Increase productivity, zero based thinking, Occam’s Razor, delegation, the Parthenon Principle and more
  • Module 3: Grow your Business: Turbo-charge marketing, increase revenue, branding power, strategic business units and more
  • Module 4: Superstar Selling: Get more ideal prospects, solution selling, overcoming objections, closing more sales and more
  • Module 5: Effective Leadership: Taking responsibility, mission vision values & purpose, strategic thinking, execution and more
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Sales Effectiveness Solutions

Sales Effectiveness Solutions

The world's most successful organizations understand their level of success is directly linked to the quality of their Sales Team and Sales Managers. It's pivotal to a company's success to maximize revenue and profitability by making sure sales teams are well trained, managed and focused.

Sales Success Intensive - Training

The survival and success of any business depends on the ability to sell a product or service, and therefore, the most valuable people in the company are the sales managers and sales team. Highly skilled sales teams and managers have a greater impact on revenue and volume than any other single investment or activity.

  • Find more opportunities and qualified leads
  • Set more & better appointments
  • Identify “hot buttons” accurately
  • Create powerful persuasive presentations
  • Answer & overcome objections
  • Build long term relationships with clients
  • Get more consistent re-sales and referrals
  • Close more sales and increase their conversion
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Sales Breakthrough - Training

The Sales Breakthrough Program combines a suite of powerful behavioral analytic tools with individual and group training for sales managers and teams looking to excel:

  • Improve interpersonal communication with prospects and customers
  • Enhance sales skills to leverage prospects and opportunities
  • Maximize your sales team's effectiveness
  • Fine-tune performance of new and existing sales people
  • Boost sales and hit targets
  • Increase your bottom line – the ultimate business objective
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Superior Sales Management - Training

The key to building a world class sales team is a world class Sales Manager. The most profitable companies understand the importance of sales management.

  • Recruit better salespeople
  • Get them up to speed faster
  • Better coaching, counselling and skill development
  • Better communication skills, more effective meetings, better problem-solving and decision-making
  • Greater predictability of sales results
  • Better organization of sales territories
  • Managing, motivating, delegating, and supervising
  • Highly motivated salespeople committed to getting sales results
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Superior Selling Skills - Training

Selling today has never been more competitive. As many as 70% of companies do no sales training – those that do control the marketplace.

  • Create a world-class sales team
  • Position yourself as the best all-around solution
  • Learn how to penetrate major accounts
  • Rapid, measurable improvements in sales performance
  • Learn how to negotiate, sell against competition
  • Identify the multiple decision-makers
  • Uncover and solve the real problems of the customer
  • Greater power, purpose and direction in achieving sales quotas
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Productivity Optimization Solutions

Productivity Optimization Solutions

The world's most successful organizations understand their level of success is directly linked to their teams Productivity; knowing what's important, getting important things done, in less time, with less effort, than unsuccessful organizations.

Perform at Your Best – Maximum Achievement – Training

Learn how to set goals, take responsibility, manage change, communicate effectively, solve problems, meet challenges, manage time and take full control of your work and personal life.

By practicing the principles of Maximum Achievement, your professional life or those of your teams will be transformed. You will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible, in a shorter time than you ever thought possible.

  • Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership
  • The Seven Mental Principles to High Performance
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Releasing Your Brakes
  • Programming Your Mind for Success
  • Seven Steps to Goal Achievement
  • High Performance Team Work
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Eat That Frog! Double Productivity – Training

Time Management is really management of your life. It's the ability to determine a sequence of events – what you do first, second, and what you don't do at all. Eat That Frog is the most popular time management system of all time – available in 27 languages.

  • Decide exactly what you want
  • Set priorities in each area of your life
  • Determine your most important goals
  • Unlock your mental powers
  • Downsize, delegate or eliminate non-essential work
  • Focus on your most valuable tasks
  • Double your productivity and double your free time
  • Eliminate low-value, no-value activities
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Communication Breakthrough – Training

Being a highly skilled and versatile communicator is vital in today's marketplace for success. Key to this is the ability to understand different behavioral styles and learn how to adapt to build solid and positive relationships with both internal and external customers.

  • Understand your personal communication style
  • Identify styles of others quickly
  • Adapt your style to build rapport
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Recognize motivational and personal management needs
  • Select words more effectively
  • Leverage communication style for success!
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Time Management Mastery – Training

Your levels of achievement and performance are determined by your ability to think through and apply the very best time management techniques available to you. You can only increase the quality and quantity of your results by increasing your ability to use your time effectively.

  • Develop a mindset of performance
  • Understand their Key Results Area's
  • Set Goals aligned with success
  • Plan and Prioritize each day more effectively
  • Overcome Procrastination quickly & easily
  • Organize their workspace & workflow
  • Delegate more often & more efficiently
  • Identify & remove Key Constraints
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Setting and Achieving Goals – Training

Today, you are paid for accomplishments, not activities. You are paid for outcomes rather than for inputs or the number of hours you work. Rewards are determined by the quality and quantity of results that you achieve. This opens up unlimited opportunity for the creative few who recognize and capitalize on this shift." Peter Drucker

  • Understand the principle of Clarity
  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Determine your values
  • "Diamond Map" your current position
  • Set goals in 4 important life quadrants
  • Identify your major definite purpose
  • Determine an X Factor in goal achievement
  • Prioritize and plan a sequence of action
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Leadership Development Solutions

Leadership Development Solutions; Training

The world’s most successful organizations understand their level of success is directly linked to their teams Productivity; knowing what’s important, getting important things done, in less time, with less effort, than unsuccessful organizations

Strategic & High Performance Leadership – Training

The best companies have the best people, and top people are those who think and act faster and better than others. High Performance Leadership gives you the ideas, methods, strategies and techniques used by all highly effective executives, profitable businesses and world-class teams.

  • Seven Secrets of Managerial Success
  • How Excellent Leaders Lead
  • The Formula for Strategic Planning
  • Becoming a Master of Change
  • Motivating People for Maximum Results
  • Creating a Great Place to Work
  • Communicate With Power
  • Delegation — The Key to Leverage
  • Inspecting What You Expect
  • Coping With Difficult People
  • The Manager, Coach and Confidant
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Navigational Conversations/Coaching – Training

Coaching is about supporting others to be more effective in getting from place to place. Place can refer to; productivity, leadership effectiveness, earnings, relationships, job or position status, a sense of fulfillment and more.

Coaching helps others to navigate; not by steering or charting a course for them, but by supporting them to navigate for themselves.

This program explores how a coach (executive or manager) addresses the 5 major navigational challenges faced by individuals in the workplace:

  • Clarifying where you want to go
  • Understanding where they are now
  • Plotting a course forward and committing to action
  • Receiving positive reinforcement
  • Knowing when to course correct
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Behavioral & Financial Assessments

Behavioral & Financial Assessments

Our Behavioral Assessments are powerful analytic tools that help Managers to turbo charge business performance by enhancing communication, better utilizing team members, hiring better and increasing engagement.

Our Financial Assessments help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track their progress. FocalPoint Finance offers five tools that help businesses quantify where they’re at, where they should be and offer strategies to meet their goals.

Success Insight - Management – Staff Assessment

The TTI Success Insights® Management-Staff is a report that not only defines unique behavior, but guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success.

This versatile management tool can be used to hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve commu­nication and build sound employee-manager relationships. This report is fantastic for:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Employee Development and Performance Plans
  • Retention Strategies for Key Employees
  • Coaching and Mentoring Top Talent
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
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Success Insights – Workplace Motivators

What motivates employees to sell, manage, service or connect with customers the way they do? What prompts an employee’s enthusiastic response—a happy customer, a big sale, a tough problem solved? Why do they differ? How can you place the right people in the right jobs and motivate them to achieve more for the organization? The answers to these questions are all based on values.

Values are the drivers behind our behavior; what motivates our actions. Abstract concepts in themselves, values are principles or standards by which we act. Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or an organization. The Workplace Motivators report includes an explanation of the individual in regards to the following (and more):

  • Value to the Organization
  • Keys to Managing and Motivating
  • Training, Professional Development and Learning Insights
  • A Norms and Comparisons section explaining the strength of each value
  • A Values Action Plan affirming strengths and encouraging development
  • A Team-Building summary for sharing your personal insights with team members
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Success Insights - Sales Report

The TTI Success Insights® Sales report is geared towards the sales professional. In today's competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill.

TTI Success Insights Sales report provides computer generated reports that give sales professionals a broad understanding of their natural sales style. The software analyzes and details the type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts

  • Spot winners with a reliable selection method.
  • Evaluate the performance of both new and existing salespeople.
  • Coach the sales team for maximum results.
  • Hire the salesperson who fits the company needs.
  • Reduce employee turnover and new training costs.
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Success Insights - Sales Skills Index

The TTI Success Insights® Sales Skills Index presents questions that portray "real life" sales situations. Each situation has four alternative ways to be handled.

Respondents are given the opportunity to rank the four alternatives from "best" to "worst:' By comparing their response with those of proven top sales professionals, a report is generated showing strengths, weaknesses and how well they understood sales strategy in seven categories.

  • Simplifies sales training
  • Allows managing and coaching to be focused on areas that produce results
  • Identifies the sales strategy knowledge areas that are needed to sell a specific product/service in a given market
  • Identifies new sales applicant's strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifies specific training or management needs of a salesperson or sales force
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Success Insights - Team Behavioral Report

The most effective teams have members who understand themselves, as well as each other. The TTI Success lnsights®Team Behavioral Report not only defines team dynamics, but also guides team members to leverage behavioral knowledge for increased success.

By understanding the keys to communicating with others based on behavioral styles, team members can become more effective and increase overall productivity. The results of the team report will also identify the strengths of each team member to be sure everyone is in a position to contribute to team success with their fullest potential. This report is ideal for:

  • Creating Team Building Workshops
  • Growth and Development of Team Members
  • Successful Team Management
  • Team Effectiveness Analysis
  • Enhancing Team Communication
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Financial Assesments

The power of business coaching has always been about helping our clients define and close their GAPS. Determining where your business is now versus where you want or need it to be in the future. Your success is often measured on how well you can close that GAP.

FocalPoint Finance was created to help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track your progress. FocalPoint Finance offers five tools that help businesses quantify and close their GAP:

  • Industry Benchmark Report – financial and key performance metrics by industry code, geography and sales volume Download Sample Report Here
  • Comparative Benchmark Report – the Industry Benchmark Report with your company’s data compared to the benchmark, including identifying is your company is in the top 10% or bottom 10% with tips to close the gap.
  • Narrative Benchmark Report – the comparative report converted into plain English and graphs and additional industry analysis.
  • Projections Report – 5-10 year projections of your business based on your company’s recent past history, includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, industry analysis and a valuation based on cash flows.
  • Brokers Opinion of Value - report used by many business brokers to determine what your business would be worth if sold to a 3rd party, using 3 different valuation methods

Whether you are trying to close the GAP between your company’s performance and the industry average or you are trying to close the GAP between your current income and what you need to retire comfortably…these tools can help.

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